Unique Needs: How an Alexandria, VA Property Management Firm Can Help


Alexandria Property Management has many years of experience in tenant-landlord negotiations. They act in the best interest of their clients by speaking with tenants regarding any issues that may come up. Their chief mode of experience lies in residential, commercial, and retail property. Their residential list ranges from single-unit homes to condominiums and apartment complexes that hold many units.

The Alexandria, VA Property Management firm was created to relieve owners of the daily hassles that come from renting out to tenants. Additionally, the company creates a cooperative relationship between tenants and landlords and keeps landlords abreast of what is going on with their property and any changes that may be needed in order to keep business thriving. The company has four directives in place to ensure good, quality customer service.

Smart Tenant Selection

Alexandria, VA Property Management has a special tenant matching program where tenants are screened and then matched to an appropriate property. Prior to move in, the company does extensive background checks that include access to the person’s criminal background, employment verification, and a thorough credit check.

Staying on Top of Things

Alexandria, VA Property Management tries to remain on top of every property under their care. Part of the deal is that they will do regular routine inspections that involve matters in preventative maintenance and upkeep. This will pave the way for landlords to have a much better return on investment after a tenant moves out and a new one moves in. When a tenant passes a move-out inspection, then that’s far less of a headache to landlords because they will not have to shell out money to hire a cleaning crew or a contractor. They do this with the understanding that the best maintained homes are the ones that tenants will be most inclined to take pride in, whether its decoration, cleaning, or both.

Managing Vacancy

The company tries to maximize a landlord’s return on investment by managing vacancies. In fact, preventing vacancies is the number one priority of this company. Before a property or unit gets listed as vacant, the company will take all measures to ensure that a viable tenant is chosen by using a combination of marketing techniques when putting the property up for grabs.

Owner Communication

Alexandria Property Management allows the owner access to information on their property by viewing all activity in real time. This includes lease renewals, rent payments and receipts, and violation reports. This is done using management specific software designed to provide continuous, accurate information about any and all happenings within the building and the surrounding vicinity.

Business Properties

As far as business properties are concerned, Alexandria Property Management also has experience in this area. Most of the screening is about seeing which owner is most likely to generate the most business on that site. For offices, there is a recommendation that clients look at the property from the perspective of a potential business owner in order to get an idea as to what needs to happen prior to renting. A prospective tenant must consider location, the reputation of the neighborhood and its features, and local and state incentives for potential relocation. Image is important because the business needs to think about what it represents. Is it an attorney’s office, or a bank? Whatever that may be, a higher form of screening must be used to find renters that will yield the best possible income for the client. Advertising that is aimed at specific types of businesses is used when determining which one is the best fit for the property and its location.

Retail and restaurants, on the other hand, have slightly different criteria. Most of the screening is concerned with who is most likely to generate the greatest amount in sales so that monthly rent can be paid on time. Space, profile, and the individual client are all part of the matching process. If the building has the vibe of a deli, then it is most likely that the company will target those interested in opening one during active marketing. Tenants are more likely to invest more money in a place that is most likely to generate the most in sales and profit.

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